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MATI Haifa

New branding for MATI Haifa!
On my first meeting with Shani Aloni the CEO and Limor Botanero the deputy, they both raised concerns, difficulties and on the other hand ambitions and desires for where they want to go.
It's not easy to literally take a very local known institution and "repaint" it.

I took the old logo and actually as part of the branding process and the brand book - upgraded it, with the addition of fresh and Haifa colors appropriate for a place that represents us with respect and whose very existence aims to grow the economy of the Haifa area, to create entrepreneurship and cooperation arenas between clients and large entities in a local connection, business development and social, environmental and business ventures.

Glossy Wall Logo Mockup - By Designer Hamza (1) copy.jpg
mati logos.jpg
mati stationary_Mockup_3 copy.jpg
Mati-responsive mockup copy.jpg
Mati-social copy.jpg
mati image .jpg
mati-Paper Pressed PSD Logo Mockup copy.jpg
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